Skills building for a critical study and individual oral commentary

Resource type:  Lesson activity (2 lessons) for IB Diploma English A Language and Literature

  • Instructions for students to find a passage from a novel in response to the IB written assignment task 2 question 4:

(Power and Privelege) How and why are a particular social group presented in  particular way?

Related books reviewed by Book Snitch:  Half of a Yellow Sun

Description:  An activity to help IB Diploma English Lang & Lit higher level students prepare for the written assignment 2 (critical response) based on the question: ‘how and why is a social group presented in a particular way?

Students are asked to find a passage from the novel which allows them to explore the question. They are encouraged to focus on criterion B (Response to the question) in the activity. The overall aim is to give them an isolated focus for the question, which will help to prepare them for whole text analysis in their final second written assignment.

This activity refers to the novel ‘Half a Yellow Sun‘ by Chimamanda Adichie, but could be adapted for other texts. The skills involved in close analysis of the passage also transfer to the individual oral commentary assessment.


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