Creating a code of conduct for a dystopian society

Resource type: creative writing idea; writing assessment; group project

Related books reviewed by Book Snitch:  the Matched triology (Condie), Across the Universe (Revis)

Other related books:  Nineteen Eighty Four (Orwell), Brave New World (Huxley), Oryx and Crake (Atwood)

Description:  a writing activity which asks students to consider the rules or code of conduct in a society with which they are familiar, and how it compares to the rules or a dystopian society.  Students re-write their school rules or code of conduct to reflect the values and control in an imaginary dystopian version of their school/local community.

This is a way to see if students have noticed the social and political context of the dystopian novel you have read with them, and if they can be creative in imagining their own dystopia.


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