Information about the author:

My name is Chloe Elizabeth Edwards, and I am a high school English teacher.   I have been an Educator for twelve years.  I began my teaching career teaching English and Theatre Studies in the United Kingdom in 2003.  In 2007 I moved overseas to teach in the IB system.  During the last six years I have worked in Milan, Dubai and Angola as an IB MYP and DP English teacher.  I also have five years of experience teaching IB Theory of Knowledge.

Currently I am based in Toronto, where I teach English Language and Literature to grades 11 and 12 at a private school.

Origins and aims of Book Snitch:

Book Snitch is an extension of my passion for teaching literature, and my belief that literacy is the cornerstone of education and personal growth.  The primary aim of Book Snitch is to provide information about great books which are suitable for high school students aged eleven to eighteen years.  The review posts are aimed at students and teachers and include: plot summaries without spoilers; review comments;  links to official websites; ratings and sometimes notes for educators about where the book could fit into the curriculum.

More recently, I have started also writing about books that I have read for my personal pleasure.  While I am not reading these with a view to teaching or creating resources, I regularly share what I am reading with my students and they often ask me for recommendations.  Often I do find myself selecting passages from books I read to use in the Language and Literature course.  Sometimes this is for reading skills practice (paper I) or to expose them to an interesting cultural context or literary techniques.  One of the reasons I love teaching the Language and Literature program is how much autonomy the teacher is afforded with picking a wide variety of texts to support teaching parts 1 & 2 of the course.

Teaching ideas and resources:

Book Snitch includes an Resources and Ideas page where teachers and students can find ideas for activities related to texts.  These may be used for recreational purposes, for example within a student-run book club or for tasks and assessments within a curriculum.  Please give credit to Book Snitch by observing the Creative Commons licence.


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