2014 Reading Challenge

3 Jan

With the unfolding of a new year comes the excitement of new horizons and new achievements.  For me, one of the ways this takes form is in reading challenges.  Inspired by a fellow WordPress book blogger The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shhh! I have created two reading challenges of my own for 2014.

The ’12 books for personal pleasure’ challenge

As a high school English teacher, I don’t have a lot of down time in term time for reading that is unrelated to teaching, or more specifically, the texts I am teaching.  Passion comes from new inspiration, so this challenge is for me to step away from the mentality that I often fall into: that I should only be reading texts that are directly related to my teaching during term time.  The aim of this challenge is to allow myself time to enjoy reading for reading’s sake.  This is an investment in my teaching, because being excited about your discipline is a huge part of being an effective educator.

The non-fiction challenge

Teaching the IB Language and Literature course places equal focus on fiction and non-fiction texts.  The aim of this challenge is to read a range of non-fiction including memoir, autobiography and travel literature amongst others.





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